The cozUare Live Experience

At the present moment we are working in our first main program “The cozUare Live Experience2” It is an experience, a thematic experience through a multi-disciplinary platform for all people who want to improve their quality of life and of their families, careers and professionals (from the media, education, Entertainment, wellbeing, health and environmental). Especially aimed at women, mothers and their children. It is presented with interactive workshops, conferences, lectures, film projections, exhibitions, awards ceremony and a show in celebration mode to reveal and address the challenging situations that are in the different realities that women, children and their families have to face each other every day. CozUare provides practical tools to overcome internal conflicts caused by unresolved traumas, stress ... as a result of the current social life so they will be able to obtain a high performance in both the personal and professional fields.

CozUare is an experience designed to bring hope, encouragement and guidance to the people so that they can develop and express their true potential in order to live a better and larger more complete life free of emotional burdens that obstruct and hinder the process of growth of the Being Human Experience.

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