CozUare moving

Movement of support for women and children and development of the principle of equality through empowerment and personal transformation through music, film, education and leadership programs and personal development and transformation.

The CozUare movement empowers women, men who support them and children. We mainly address those who live invisible in the eyes of our communities so that they can improve their lives, be heard and seen in order to regain the reins of their lives and to become future leaders if they wish.

Our History

I started because in a positive way I wanted to make a global contribution, I walk this way with faith and determination knowing that I cozUare-Because You Are will constitute a before and after, will change and transform the World.

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CozUare Fitness Program

Virginia's commitment to the organization is both spiritual and de facto, she takes the time to encourage women and young people to Love, Conquer and Change to dream beyond their current circumstances.

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CozUare is a thematic experience through a multi-disciplinary platform for all those people who want to improve their quality of life and that of their families, caregivers and professionals.


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Your help counts on the experience we offer, since it is designed to bring hope, encourage and guide people to develop and express their true potential in order to live a more fulfilling life free of emotional burdens.

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CozUare is defined as a non-profit project that prioritizes healthy physical activity to promote female empowerment among mothers and middle-aged women.

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Your donations are greatly appreciated and will be used to expand our reach to our communities. We thank you for your support!


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This project also needs very professional collaborators for its constant implementation and development.


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